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ClearFactr helps you easily create and understand time-based models and plans using patent-pending Self-Describing Spreadsheet technology.

  • Easily analyze these models with powerful built-in analytics.
  • Easily configure and run elaborate simulations.
  • Easily share plans, simulations and scenarios with others, follow their interactions, and compare results without versioning nightmares.
  • Subscription-based, running in your web browser: No installations, plugins, downloads or old versions.

Keep focused on your plan, not its formulas.

For a generation, spreadsheet users have tolerated the back-and-forth mental gymnastics of translating natural language into spreadsheet cell coordinates. It’s all we’ve ever known, until now. Going way beyond “named ranges”, ClearFactr’s Self-Describing Spreadsheet painlessly replaces your “D5 = A7-B32″ notation with “Profit = Revenue – Expenses”, for example. In one click, a ClearFactr Plan explains itself to you and your audience. Generalized relationships are easily followed, and exceptions pop right out, facilitating communication like never before.

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Discover multidimensional relationships.

Spreadsheets are great for “what-if” thinking. But you can’t describe the real world by changing a single cell in your spreadsheet. And if you attempt to do more than this with a typical spreadsheet, the opportunity for errors goes up as fast as your productivity goes down. Gaining real insight into your plan’s workings falls further and further out of reach.

ClearFactr’s scenario analyzers and simulator, with Monte Carlo capabilities and more, give you – and your audience – the tools you need to focus on your plan, and powerfully model multi-dimensional relationships, revealing what you always thought was there, but just couldn’t see.   Unprecedented productivity is just a single click away.

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Truly share with anyone, anywhere.

Emailing spreadsheets to your audience is so 1990′s – who opened it, what did they see, did they challenge your assumptions, did you lock down the right parts of the sheet, or any of it (and was that a pain)? Did they forward it to someone else without you knowing?

You don’t need a third party solution, or a corporate server, to get this done. It’s a few clicks away with ClearFactr.   Better yet, you’ll get unprecedented insight into their engagement level, taking collaboration to a whole new level — all without versioning headaches and the workflow nightmares and organizational risk they create.

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